Lutheran Interparish School

Parent-Teacher League  (P.T.L.)


The Parent Teacher League (PTL) concerns itself primarily with the preparation of the program for the membership.  It sis not a policy making body of the school or the association congregations.  The PTL meets regularly during the school year. In addition to these regular monthly meetings, the PTL hosts different events throughout the year.  All parents and teachers are encouraged to attend these meetings.


The Parent Teacher League objectives are:


         1)  to plan and organize events, activities, and various fundraisers throughout the       school year.

         2)  provide financial support for items that the school budget does not fund.

         3)  provide opportunities for students to participate in various activities.


The Lutheran Interparish School P.T.L has a Facebook page for all members.  Ask to be added to the page to keep informed of upcoming meetings and events.