Lutheran Interparish School

Financial Assistance

LIS Tuition Assistance Programs

It is our desire to assist families as much as we can to ensure that as many children can receive a quality Christian education at LIS. We do our best to support families with their financial needs. Please talk to us about your needs and give us the opportunity to try to assist you if we can.

LIS offers the following tuition assistance programs as outlined below.

· SCRIP Program credit dollars.

· Volunteer Hours -Earn up to $250.00 tuition credit in exchange for 25 hours of volunteer hours ($10.00 per hour)

· ILSTO Scholarship. (Income guidelines – Earn up to 400% of Federal Poverty) The deadline for applying for assistance is May 1, 2022.

· LIS has a Tuition Assistance Program - Be sure to fill out the LIS Tuition Assistance Program
(Note: Registration must be complete to get LIS Tuition Assistance.) Applications are due no later than

May 1, 2022

· Immanuel Lutheran Church Scholarship Program

For more information about the ministry of Lutheran Interparish school or to get a registration packet, contact the school office: 319-668-1711 or email Monica: