L.I.S. Board of Directors

The Lutheran Interparish School Board of Directors meets the third Tuesday of each month, beginning at 7:30 p.m., in the school library. Board responsibilities include creating and updating school policies and overseeing a variety of school operations. Board members are elected from the four member churches and represent their respective churches at these meetings. School committees include Staff and Curriculum, Buildings and Grounds and Hot Lunch and Finance. The public is invited to attend meetings.

Lutheran Interparish School

Board of Directors



President ......... Rebecca Oberg

Vice President ..... John Schnebbe

Secretary ......... Matt Schaefer

Treasurer ........ Brian Wille

St. Paul

Jeremy Davies Building & Grounds jdbeef@yahoo.com

Mike Dellamuth Staff & Curriculum iceinc813@hotmail.com

Matt Schaefer Hot Lunch & Finance vmc.matt@gmail.com

Rev. Thomas Ogilvie Pastor stpaulspastor@windstream.net


John Dayton Staff & Curriculum John@simplymowing.net

Jim Yenter Building & Grounds yenterfamilyfarms@gmail.com

Brian Wille Hot Lunch & Finance willebl74@gmail.com

Rev. Dick Meyer Pastoral Representative revmeyer@iowatelecom.net


Rebecca Oberg Hot Lunch & Finance rebecca.oberg@cune.org

Brenda Glandorf Staff & Curriculum gdorf@juno.com

John Schnebbe Building & Grounds schneb@iowatelecom.net

Rev. G. Sears Pastoral Representative pastorsears@hotmail.com

St. John

Tanya Powell Staff & Curriculum tanyap@southslope.net

Jeff Buresch Building & Grounds kgb@iowatelecom.net

Rebecca Strasser Hot Lunch & Finance rstrasser05@gmail.com

Rev. Zach Voss Pastoral Representative revzmv@gmail.com

Mark Grewe School Administrator mgrewe@lutheraninterparish.com